The Normandy Institute will enhance its global impact by selectively engaging with global strategic partners for its academic programming. Existing partners include:

WWII Museum logo

The National WWII Museum in New Orleans is expanding its educational mission through travel to Normandy. One of their successful programs is the “Normandy Academy” – an educational journey that challenges students to consider the same impactful choices that WWII soldiers did during the D-Day invasion. Hands-on leadership and discussion making skills are bringing classroom lessons to life.

Eisenhower Institute logo

The Eisenhower Institute’’s Strategy & Leadership in Transformational Times (SALTT) program, led by Susan Eisenhower, is to impart an appreciation and an excitement for developing lifelong insights into strategy, leadership, followership, their values and their roles in contemporary geopolitics. By utilizing the Allied invasion of Normandy– the Western turning point of World War II and a critical moment for U.S. leadership – the experience will enhance students’ understanding of history and shed light on contemporary developments. The highlight of the SALTT program will be a week-long trip to Normandy, France that will inspire students to prepare themselves in new ways for their own life challenges.

General Electric logo

General Electric organizes several leadership retreats for senior CEO’s in Normandy each year. Château de Bernaville is always included in the program.