Normandy Institute Foundation

The Normandy Institute is planned as an international educational residence dedicated to fostering a greater understanding and inspiration from the heroic leadership of the Allied Forces during  WWII and connect a global community through education and travel experiences.

DessinBvilleCleanPen copyChâteau de Bernaville, Normandy, France

The historic Château de Bernaville near Sainte-Mère-Église and La Fière Bridge in the heart of the D-Day American Airborne drop zone will serve as the physical and intellectual location of the Normandy Institute.

The Normandy Institute will explore the themes of service and sacrifice, leadership and liberty to convey the democratic values defended in World War II. We are committed to passing the baton of historic knowledge by supporting excellence and delivering the highest quality innovative programs.

The Château is  historically significant in that it was the German headquarters visited by Rommel on May 17, 1944 and where the first German General was killed on D-Day.

Rommel-Falley-BernavilleField Marshal Rommel with General Falley and Admiral Ruge

The Château de Bernaville was bought in 1856 by the Marquise Célestine Martel de Janville. She was the grand daughter of Major General René Adrien le Seigneur du Chevalier, page of King Louis XV, adopted father and aide-de-camp of Lafayette, the famous brother-in-arms of George Washington in the American War of Independence.

LafayetteLe Marquis de Lafayette

The Normandy Institute is a 3-hour drive from Paris and is served by 3 airports and a direct train on the Paris–-Cherbourg line.

The Normandy Institute (NI) is a nonpartisan, non-profit, charitable and educational organization.

“History is philosophy teaching by examples”